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Tasting Notes


Floral and juniper w/ hints of pepper, lemongrass & grapefruit. The aroma has a coastal quality to it that is reminiscent of stones washed by the ocean tide.

Nautical Gin Tasting Notes

The aromatic flavors come alive on the palate – the brightness of the citrus and juniper notes are complemented by the pepper and mineral. This combination of citrus and spice deliver a powerful yet elegant flavor experience. The slight hint of sea salt rounds out the entire taste sensation.


Smooth, clean, lingering and refreshing.


Juniper Berries in Nautical Gin

Juniper Berries CROATIA

Exotic, zesty and fragrant juniper berries produce deep flavors of pepper and spice. Did you know the Romans used juniper berries as a less expensive alternative to black pepper?

Pacific Kombu in Nautical Gin

Pacific Kombu SHANDONG

Pacific kombu is a coastal vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. After distillation, this botanical provides a subtle hint of sea salt and mineral characteristics to the gin.

Rosehips in Nautical Gin

Rosehips CHILE

Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant and is high in Vitamin C. This botanical delivers a sweet & tart fruit essence to Nautical Gin.


Coriander Seed in Nautical Gin

Coriander Seed INDIA

Coriander seed is a spice that delivers a distinct citrus peel and sage flavor.

Spearmint in Nautical Gin


This aromatic and calming herbal botanical complements the citrus and spice flavors found in our gin to soften the overall taste and finish.

Lemongrass in Nautical Gin

Lemongrass EGYPT

Widely recognized as an exotic flavoring component in a variety of cuisines, lemongrass delivers an earthy and citrus twist to the Nautical Gin recipe.

OTHER BOTANICALS INCLUDE: Angelica Root: Bulgaria • Orange Peel: Spain Cinnamon: Indonesia • Orris Root: Morocco • Lemon Peel: United States
Cubeb: India • Allspice: Guatemala • Elderberry: Croatia • Black Pepper: India