Vertical Spirits Makes Market Debut With Launch of Nautical™ Gin

By Kate Corcoran – June 13, 2016 – Source: CISION PRWeb

Vertical Spirits announces the release of its first product, Nautical™ Gin. Established June 2015, Nashua, NH-based Vertical Spirits LLC is dedicated to developing premium spirits that embody the company’s “Spirit of Adventure” mission.

The young company is headed by a trio of highly-respected professionals: Ken Siegel, Jon Stilianos and Donnie White. President and CEO Ken Siegel and VP of Operations Jon Stilianos, were founding members of Synergy Dining Group, a restaurant holding company. Both enjoy significant entrepreneurial and operational experience. Spirits industry insider Donnie White is the third founding shareholder. A former Regional Manager at Proximo Spirits, White is VP Sales. Rounding out Vertical’s senior management team are Holly Marden, VP Sales for Control States, and Kristin Shirtz, VP Marketing.

This core group of veterans from inside and outside the spirits industry has a track record of setting high expectations for new products and exceeding them, explains Donnie White. In addition, Vertical Spirits is backed by a significant amount of capital. This enables the company to support the creation of brands and bring them to market successfully. Those resources also mean Vertical Spirits can recruit the best talent — individuals with the expertise to develop and market those new products.

Nautical™ Gin is Vertical Spirits’ first product launch. After a trial introduction in New Hampshire this spring, Nautical™ Gin debuts this summer in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, followed by New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia and Florida later in the year. Packed six to a case, it is expected to retail for approximately $33 a bottle.

Nautical™ Gin is an American premium gin infused with 15 unique ingredients, including a rare coastal botanical — the inspiration for the Nautical™ name. It delivers a subtle and appealing hint of sea salt.

The citrus-forward Nautical™ Gin also contains coriander, lemongrass, elderberry, spearmint and allspice, among others. Quadruple distilled for extra smoothness, the gin is made in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

Nautical™ Gin is presented in a simple, elegantly modern, aquamarine bottle with a rose-gold capsule. In keeping with the marine theme and reinforcing Vertical Spirits mission of creating products that embody a “Spirit of Adventure,” the front of the bottle prominently features the tagline “Inspired by Exploration.” The custom bottle also has a flat back so the gin will stay stationary inside your boat or sea faring vessel while you’re off traveling to exotic destinations!

Vertical Spirits already has a second introduction in the works — a completely new brand in a different spirits category.

Nautical™ Gin retails for $33 per 750 ml bottle, packed six to a case.